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Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreats

Tantra Education and Intensive Practical Massage Retreat - video

Tantra Education and Intensive Practical Massage Retreat - video

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What is it, really?

What do you do?


Is it safe?

Do I work with others/opposite sex/on me? Is it a strong experience?

Do I need to bring a partner?

A Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreat is a unique experience for people who wish to take a deeper look into yoga and meditation, from the tantric lense.

There are deep practices given here, so that you keep your centre while experiencing a unique and mainly undiscovered path. Rare.

The retreat intends to go deeply into traditions, secrets, a spiritual experience that can happen with yourself, you and a partner, or you within the group. There is an influence of neo-tantric exercises also.

Yoga is practiced. So is meditation, in the Vajrayana tradition, as well as using Osho’s teachings on tantra and various ways to weave trust and the education through a group/community for healing. We also do conscious touch work tantric massage. It is great to be comfortable in your body.


Body-Mind-Energy connection is constantly being worked on in this retreat.

A yoga or meditation practice (before the intensive) is strongly encouraged so you can go deeper into this experience. Suitable for single, couples, beginners, intermediate practitioners.

You will really have no idea what is going to happen unless you are there in that aligned moment.

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