Artist Satyama Lasby

Satyama: "reformed" artist and instructor of intuitive painting


Trained and influenced by the teachings of Osho Rajneesh, having lived in the Osho  International Meditation Centre in India, she teaches meditation, yoga  and intuitive painting methods to assist people in becoming pain-free, happy, and focused on their creative sides.


Satyama holds a degree in the Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University (1996).  In 2009 she left her position as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in British Columbia to study meditation on a full time basis and continued her studies in classical styles of yoga in India.


Following her passion for the arts, she saw how her painting and drawing style (once simply a hobby) changed  through using meditative and awareness  techniques. On a deeper level, she began to know how the arts can heal and help express one's emotions. Her classes and retreats reflect this revelation as she brings it to others in her work as a commissioned artist.