Satyama Lasby Artist

Welcome to the artwork, teachings, courses and retreats of Satyama, Intuitive Artist

My speciality work is in the intuitive – using energy, a feeling, a symbol or life occurrence in the movement, colour or feel of the painting to evoke emotional response.


If you want to take a lesson or workshop, this is what will ne taught - art as meditation and how to paint better with great awareness and the "right" side of the brain.



I am an artist...I can help you with what you want if my style or energy resonates with you.


I paint faces and bodies for festivals and parties.

I paint commissions for homes and businesses.


By the way, most of my work is spiritual and has intention and purpose.

Intuitive Mandala Painting can be used for deep therapeutic healing, creative exploration and expression and as a style of meditation. 


Sessions are offered every Sunday on Koh Phagnan, Thailand and around the world,


OR take the online Udemy course, under "mandalas"